Where to Buy Wholesale for Your Shopify Store, Poshmark Etsy, etc.

Hello! Today’s blog post is all about wholesale! Specifically where you can find it. 

I know finding wholesale is a tough challenge, but hopefully this blog post can give you some different options.

These are in no particular order. I’m going to be telling you the good and bad about all of these options.

  1. Poshmark

If you weren’t aware, poshmark actually has a wholesale section. Personally, poshmark isn’t the first place I would typically gravitate towards if I needed to buy some wholesale items, but it is one of the several options. The reason why poshmark wholesale isn’t ideal is because most of the prices are pretty high compared to buying on an actual wholesale site. Since poshmark takes 20% of your earnings that means these wholesalers would need to price their wholesale items a bit high in order for them to see a profit. On top of that, you (as the seller) would need to then price your items at an even higher price to receive some type of profit. So as you can see, this isn’t the best place to go for wholesale. On the upside you don’t need to have any type of EIN or seller’s permit compared to these wholesale sites. Another upside to purchasing from poshmark wholesale is that the shipping price are on the better side. If you were to buy wholesale from an actual wholesale site you would typically pay anywhere between $15-$50 just for shipping depending on the quantity of items. On poshmark wholesale, you’d pay around $8 for shipping (of course this all depends on the quantity of items).

Here is a invite code to Poshmark (you should receive either $5 or $10 to use within the app): SHOPWITH_ASHLEY

Pros & Cons

Pros: No EIN or seller’s permit needed. Great shipping prices. Poshmark will side with buyer if no item is shipped.

Cons: Over paying on items, so higher cost of goods on items.

2. Facebook Destash Groups

Destash groups are so underrated. This is a great place to start if you would like to see if having a boutique, online store, etc. is what you want to do. There are several destash groups within Facebook where you can purchase wholesale. They sell all types of items from hats, shirts, sunglasses, socks, pants, etc. You can find practically anything within these destash groups. The only downfall of these groups is that there is a chance that you could get scammed, but the best way to avoid that would be to use PayPal when paying for an invoice. 

Here’s an example of what a post within the destash group would look like. They typically have a picture showing what they are selling and the price. 

Example of a post within Facebook Destash Groups

If you decide that you want to purchase the items within the post you simple comment down in the comment section letting the individual know the amount you want. They will then let you know the total cost of your order. You will comment your email that you used to sign up on PayPal and the person will then send you an invoice. Make sure when you open your PayPal account, you have the correct address because thats how they will ship you the item.

If you don’t get anything shipped you have about 20 days from when the invoice was paid to open a case. Hopefully you never have to open a case, but most of the time PayPal will side with the buyer if there is no proof of anything being shipped.

Most of the time these destash groups will filter out the scammers. I’ve made at least 15 transactions within these groups and have never had any problems.

Link to Destash Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1484982238432797 

Pros & Cons

Pros: Great prices, affordable shipping, no EIN or seller’s permit needed

Cons: Chances of getting scammed

3. FashionGo

This is typically where most boutique owners go to whenever they need some new inventory. FashionGo is the number one leading wholesale fashion marketplace. They have tons of items. When I say tons, I mean TONS of items. If you decide that you would like to design and find a manufacturer to bring your items to life, they can! Within FashionGo they have manufacturers and vendors. 

Manufacturer basically make anything that you want (fashion sense and not frankenstein lol) come to life. Vendors are those that already have items and you can go and purchase items that are ready to go.

The only thing with using FashionGo is that you would need to have some type of proof that you have an actual business. You’re not allowed to see the prices without an account on FashionGo. 

Here is what is needed in order to open an account with them. Once you’ve submitted the needed information, it can typically take anywhere between 2 business days to a week or two. 

I was able to get mine approved instantly when I emailed them the needed information. 

Overall, the prices here are fair, but the shipping is where the issue is. Some vendors offer free shipping for first timers, but that’s not always the situation. 

Typically shipping on FashionGo can range from $15 to over $100. Of course this all depends on the items and the quantity of those items. 

Please be aware that some of these manufacturers and vendors might be over seas, so that adds to the shipping price. Not to mention the extra days it might take to receive your inventory. 

There are two ways to avoid being over charged. 

The first is that you could call the vendor and let them know that you just put in your order and that you would like to send them your own shipping label. Some vendors don’t mind, but other will. I don’t blame them considering the amount of orders they receive daily, so don’t take it to heart if they say no. If they allow you, make sure to get the weight and dimensions of the package and let them know that you will be emailing them the shipping label soon. 

The second is that you could create a UPS account. Having done this you will receive an account number. Whenever you place an order on the FashionGo site you will add your account number to the notes section and write a small description letting them know that if they could put it on your UPS account. Typically a week after your order has been shipped you will receive an invoice from UPS themselves with the amount you owe. 

Lastly, you could always call the vendors and just ask them the cost of shipping and if its too high you could cancel your order with them and find some other vendor. Trust me you wont be short in vendors, there’s literally hundreds of them!

Pros & Cons

Pros: Enormous amount of styles/items. Access to manufacturers if you would like to design something. Safe. 

Cons: Shipping costs may be high. EIN or seller’s permit is required to make an account and have access to purchasing items. (aka paying quarterly taxes. Depending on your state)

4. Vendor Websites

Most of the vendors that you see on FashionGo actually have their own websites. From what I’ve heard, the prices are a bit lower considering they don’t have to pay for any fees compared to on FashionGo. But just like FashionGo, you will also need to provide some type of information in regards to having an actual business in order to be able to see or buy any products. 

Here are some of the vendors and their websites that I have shopped with.

  • FAME Accessories | Website: https://www.fameaccessories.com | This wholesaler has mostly accessories, as you can tell by their name. You can find all types of styles of earrings, hats, sunglasses, basically anything that is considered accessories.
  • Wona Trading | Website: https://www.wonatrading.com | This wholesaler has a bit of more options and I would consider this hip and trendy with lots of fun colors.
  • Trend Notes | Website: https://trendnotes.com | This wholesaler has very trendy and stylish outfits. They have tons of options when it comes to clothes! 

Pros & Cons

Pros: Lower prices and lots of options

Cons: Shipping prices & EIN or seller’s permit is needed

So overall, you have several great options to choose from! Let me know which one you decide to shop from, I would love to know. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I wish you the absolute best in life and I hope you have a great and blessed day!


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